iPad mini Video Converter

The iPad mini can play a variety of very common movie file types including mp4, m4v, and mov. If you have such a movie on a computer that you want to watch on the iPad mini, you'll need to follow a fairly simple process to copy it over.

If the movie you're looking to copy over is offered through a streaming service through the web, through iTunes Store, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or even YouTube, you may want to consider those options first, the reason being that video files are quite large and will take up a lot of space on the comparatively sparse capacity of the most common iPad mini 16GB and 32GB models. On the other hand, if you're going on a road trip and don't have a 3G/LTE iPad mini, you don't subscribe to streaming services, or if the video you want to watch just isn't available through streaming services, then copying it to the local iPad mini storage is an excellent solution.

You can transfer supported video files from your computer to your iPad mini through the sync of iTunes:
Transfer video to iPad mini with iTunes

Or if you dislike iTunes, you can choose to transfer video files to your iPad mini via Wi-Fi.

If the video files are incompatible with iPad mini, you cannot transfer them to the device using either of the above methods. Rather, you need to get them converted first. There are numerous video converters on the Internet that claim to be able to convert video files for playing on iPad mini. You can easily find one. When you get the iPad mini supported video files, you still need to transfer them to your device with or without iTunes.

A simple solution is download and install Video Converter App onto your iPad mini. This app lets you transfer movie files (both supported and unsupported) from your computer via Wi-Fi Upload or iTunes File Sharing. Then you can choose to convert them on the device directly. With hardware accelerate encoding engine, the conversion speed is acceptable. The converted video files are in iPad mini-compatible format. You can choose to play them on iPad mini, copy them to Photo Library, transfer them back to PC via Wi-Fi Transfer, and even open in other apps. If you have iMovie app installed onto your iPad mini, the good news is that you can open the converted movie files in iMovie for further editing and enhancing.

How to Transfer and Convert Video on iPad mini?

Now let me show how you can transfer video to iPad mini for converting and playing:

1. Download and install Video Converter App to iPad mini.

2. Transfer video files to the app

iPad mini video converter WiFi Upload

Open Video Converter App on your iPad mini and switch to the WiFi Upload tab. Then open a web browser on your computer (Windows/Mac) and enter the HTTP URL as shown in the WiFi Upload screen into the address bar.

3. Convert video files on iPad mini

iPad mini video converter converting

The uploaded video files will go to the Video Source tab. There you can select to convert any of them.

4. Play converted video files

iPad mini video converter converted

The output video files will go to the Converted Video tab. You can choose to play them on your iPad mini, copy them to Photo Library, Wi-Fi transfer them back to your computer, and even open in other apps.